So Im not finding much information on this site about cerebellum cancer. Erik has been through 2 rounds of tongue cancer in the past 4 years (seems to pop up at the 2 year mark each time)and at this latest 2 year check up, the doc noticed speech changes. His tongue is sluggish. Went in for a PET the next morning and by early afternoon, had a call from the doc that his cerebellum was positive. (and a lymph gland too- but dont know where- doc lost us on "brain") So anyone know if this is somewhat common? I know the brain must be more susceptible to it- being so close- but anyone know outcomes? Actually I know statistical outcomes- anyone come out with a good outcome?

Caregiver to Erik -1st DX 12/22/2005 SCC of Tongue, T3N1M0, hemi-glossectomy,60 nodes removed, carboplatnin,Erbitux, 35Rads.
Reoccurrence T1N0M0 4/14/08-partial glossectomy-16 weeks Erbitux and Taxol-
3rd reoccurrence 5/18/12- partial glossectomy