Hi all,

I am editing this post due to updated info I have received.

Papa needs Radiation therapy but it is our choice whether to go with Erbitux or Cisplatin so this is what I am trying to decide ASAP.
I am looking for studies about Erbitux effectiveness both when used +rt and +rt+chemo compared with rt+chemo alone. If you know of any please send the link.

Quick pathology overview: Staging is T2N2M0. Papa's pathology indicated 8mm deep tumor during partial glossectomy and clear margins with 2/33 nodes showing small involvement and perinodal extension in level II.

The doctor said that we wouldn't be combining Erbitux with cisplatin because Indians seems to be less tolerant to aggressive treatments than those euoropean and american patients who are used in the studies on which Erbitux related treatments are based.

If we do go with Erbitux we might have to pay for it. Is it an added benefit that is worth the added cost?


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FIL completed treatment 10/08. CG to father in Law in india who had SCC oral tongue T2N2M0. FIL underwent surgery, neck dissection, IMRT, and erbitux without losing weight or getting nauseated. Completed October 2008. SO far so good.