Hi Friends,
Well I have completed 9 treatments of IMRT radiation and am just starting to feel a little sore in my throat. The last two nights I have had a very dry mouth. Still have a problem sleeping all night. Tend to wake up at least 5 to 8 times a night. Last night I went to bed at 6pm and slept until 6am. I am taking PAROXETINE 20 mg in the morning and LORAZEPAM 1 MG also in the am. The rad on'gist prescribed 14 AMBIEN sleeping pills. He told me I should make an appointment to see my reguler Doctor for any additional medications needed. The further I get into the radiation I expect to need some heavy duty pain meds from everything I've read on this forum. I thought the rad on'gist would prescribe the pain meds as i go thru the radiation? Well this is all for now, take care, Daniel

Daniel Bogan DX 7/16/03 Right tonsil,SCC T4NOMO. right side neck disection, IMRT Radiation x 33.

Recurrance in June 05 in right tonsil area. Now receiving palliative chemo (Erbitux) starting 3/9/06

Our good friend and loved member of the forum has passed away RIP Dannyboy 7-16-2006