There has been a lot of discussion under the Salagen topic about crushing meds or trying to get liquids. When I had my peg tube there were some meds I could get in liquid but some I could not find and we had to crush pills. That worked ok for most of them but there were some cases where the pill didn't really disolve and we could tell that I wasn't getting the full dosage.
I had a terrible time finding some of my meds as liquids. The hospital, clinic and Walgreens all told me in more than one case, that they just couldn't get it. My husband was furious at this; he used to be in the wholesale drug business. He spent many hours on the internet looking for alternative meds. Sometimes he found a substitute that the pharmacy could get but sometimes, even if the manufacturer listed the drug as available, the pharmacies said they couldn't get it. And in some cases the drugs were only in pill form. Very frustrating.
Finally, we found a local pharmacy that will compound medications. In my case I need blood pressure and thyroid medication. The pharmacist told me which drugs could be compounded, I called my doctor and he was happy to call the pharmacist and order meds that could be made into liquid. It is such a pleasure to swallow these medications in liquid and not choke on pills everyday. The bad news is that my insurance isn't covering as much of the cost (we're still arguing with them) but I am so happy to be able to take these drugs without difficulty, that I'll pay the additional copay.

SCC stage 1 1987, 1/4 of tongue removed, neck dissection, SCC stage 3 2000, another 1/4+ removed second neck dissection, radiation.