Hi David. I am about 6 months post treatment. As you can see in my signature my cancer is a littles different. It was squamous, poorly differientiated but in the left tonsila and left neck nodes. They radiated through mist of my saliva glands and I did not use the amifostine. At this point I can eat salads without drinking water after every bite. Most everything else I take a drink before and after each bite. It took awhile but I started eating solid foods again in July and I have some taste back for a few things. At this point it was worth it. I did not have a peg tube. Before treatment I had two of three positive nodes removed and opted to not have a neck dissection after treatments for the last node because the numbers of uptake showing on the petscan were more consistent with inflammation than cancer. As it turned out it must have been inflammation because I recieved a clear scan on Sept. 18th. I was scanned from my head to my knees and was all clear. It seems that every case is different so all I can say is I can live with the inconveniences of my treatments.They are annoying at times but considering the other option I can live with it. I have my life and my new health so life goes on. I think that statistically for your dad radiation is a good option but that is just my opinion. Good luck to you.

Lee, age 33, stage 4a, T2N2bM0, Tumor left tonsil (removed), 2 left side nodes removed (poorly differientiatied)total of 3 nodes involved. Treatment IMRT x33/ 2x Cysplatin completed. Good Health and Good Help to you.