Well just got back from the clinic in houston. The dr did not do a biopsy so i was disappointed. However, he looked at the tumor, looked at the CT, did quite an exam on my neck, and he said he doesnt think this is malignant. He said if it is, it isnt squamos cell which is the typical for back of the tongue. He thinks it could be a tumor of the salvia gland even. He said if it is cancer, it has been caught so early that it should be quite treatable. He thinks the lymph swelling is an infection, not a spread. He also ordered a bunch of antibody tests..thinks i may have an autoimmune disease causing the lymph and thyroid swellings and enlargements. So, I go all the way back to houston next monday for the biopsy and he said we will discuss treatment at that time if it is cancer. So, another week to wait but I do feel a little easier about it. I'll let ya'll know as I know. Thanks for being here.