Hello - I have not posted in a long time. My wife is 68 years old and was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2005 and has had a tracheostomy since 2017 due to narrowing of the larynx resulting from radiation treatments. We are planning to travel to Italy in June which requires an 11-hour flight for us.

I would like to ask if anyone has flown internationally on long flights with a tracheostomy and what their experience has been as far as breathing or any related issues while on the flight since the cabin is pressurized. Also we plan to bring the suction machine on the flight and was wondering if anyone has had any problems getting the machine through TSA screening checkpoints and onto the plane and clearing customs at the destination point such as Italy.

My wife also has a G-tube and uses Fibersource HN 1.2. Does anyone have any experience in clearing customs in Italy with Fibersource HN or any other feeding tube enteral formula? I understand that some countries such as Italy have restriction in importing liquids.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions or feedback.

Thank you kindly for your help.

CG to wife;
Jan 2005 DX SCC Tongue T2N1MO; RND surgery Mar 2005; 35 XRT and 4 cisplatin completed Jul 2005.
Dec 2006 tongue surgery, Scar tissue no cancer.
Feb 2010 neck node FNA - negative.
2010 ORN right jaw plus fracture
2015 ORN left jaw plus fracture
Feb 2016 Lower jaw reconstruction by Fibula free flap+titanium plate - Permanent G-tube
June 2016 Difficulty breathing - Permanent Trachea tube
Dec 2019 DX Cervical cancer - Stage 1 - Surgery Jan 16 2020.
15-20 esophagus/larynx dilations