hey guys, i'm currently in the motions of getting cleared for the removal of my aneurysmal bone cyst that began in the coronoid process of my mandible. i have to get an arterial gases test to be cleared, are these painful? i have a rough time with ivs and blood draws and i am horrified at the thought of having this done. my gp is speaking with my surgeon to try to get me out of it but just in case it does happen some advice would be appreciated.
one more question, has anyone ever done external curettage? my tumor moved up towards my eye so my surgeon has to go in thru my mouth and from the outside in front of my ear. he did warn me of injury to major facial nerves and i wonder if anyone else has gone through this. would i be making the right choice if i told him to save my nerves over completely getting rid of the tumor if it came down to it?