I am 8 weeks post split lip mandibulotomy and forearm flap tongue reconstruction surgery . The tumor board at UC Davis were to remove a squamous cell tumor P16 negative at the left side toward the back of the tongue . In the process they found HPV related cancer on the left tonsil as well as the left lymph node . The surgeon mention he had never came across this combination before. The pathology reports now show pT4a pN0 on the tongue and HPV 16 pT1 pN1 on the tonsil . The tumor board recommended 6 weeks radiation and no chemo . My local oncologist recommended 6 doses of chemo in addition to the 6 week radiation treatments . The local oncologist discussed it with the surgeon . I am now on my 8th radiation treatment and 2nd chemo treatment . I hope I made the right decision to go with chemo as well . Any thoughts would be appreciated .