Sounds like you had a good time and learned a bit. You sound like you were very well prepared. I hear you about trying to wash everything in a hotel. Frustration. I finally took to washing my blender in the bath tub.

You did a lot of great things - pre-grinding your meds and taking liquids. I have a case made for my Vitamix - bought on Amazon and it works great. Eliminates those “play blenders”! For a short trip I take all my meals - frozen. Works well for me. I think about packing pre-tube and am amazed at how much stuff we have to take along - but it is a fact of life.

I took 72 tetra paks of formula to Mexico. In one 50 lb suitcase which the airline allowed up to check for free and the rest spread amongst other luggage. When in the UK I ordered formula from Amazon, and blended other meals. I learned the term “take away “ in the UK!

Glad you are home and made out well.



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