well like many others I have been lucky to be around for a while. I am 12 years post. Mostly good years, raspy voice being the big issue. Much has changed. Back in the spring I was having a much more difficult time swallowing, I always aspirated( I actually I have had mild aspirated pneumonia maybe 6 times in 5 years) my ENT sent me to UCLA for some tests, results, I ALWAYS aspirate, every swallow,. I was having a hard time eating, hard time maintaining weight. The recommendation .......... A feeding tube. I was not overly happy about it, but not much choice. I did bet a PEG one month ago. I am not as happy as a little clam at high tide, but my life is better. I have gained weight, I do not have to fight down every meal. Different indeed and I am working on my new normal I still eat a little bit every meal as the folks at UCLA want me to keep swallowing food and drink, I am maybe 95% tube, 5% oral. I am 70 and pretty active. It is hard to think that I will have this tube for what I hope is a long life. As I get use to it I am adapting. I flew across the country a couple of weeks ago. Biggest problem was telling TSA about my supplies I was taking on board, really no problem, cost only a couple of min. I can not drink when I ride a bike, so I just take a syringe and "drink" when needed.

Of interest to me was the Docs at UCLA said this/I am not uncommon and that maybe 25% of SCC of throat folks who get radiation will eventually have a feeding tube, The fibrosis seems to get bad at 10 to 14 years. I am one of them!!

Steve aka..Tristeve

cancer in 2009, successful treatment. 12 years out, doing OK