Hello Oral Cancer Foundation Nation,

I completed 30 days (60 Gy) of radiation to mouth and neck on July 8, 2020. Last fall my dentist noted significant receding gums on my good side/left side. I also had a root canal on my left side this last fall. It seems strange that my good side/left side is receding if it is due to radiation as I only got about 45 Gy on that side vs. 60 Gy on my bad side/right side. For reference, I had half my right side tongue removed and neck dissection on April 1, 2020.

The dentist and oncologist believe it is due to bacteria rather than radiation. As predicted, I do have much less saliva and I do chew everything on that side as the other side is just the flap. I cant manipulate food well on the right side. The oncologist stated that it usually takes a lot longer, years/decades, for something like this to appear due to radiation.

For reference. I am 52. Non-smoker, social drinker until last March now zero alcohol. Active entire life. I brush, gum pick after every snack/meal, do the fluoride treatments 5 days/week minimum, floss daily, electric toothbrush, water pick daily.

Any advice? Anyone have this issue after a couple months? I have heard that the gums can recede for a period and then just stop receding.

I appreciate any feedback. Stay safe and keep the faith.


OC thriver, Tongue Stage IV, diag 3/12/20, surg 4/1/20, RT compltd 7/8/20