in 2 weeks, another 5 day round of chemo and Keytruda I believe. then June 8, go to Mayo (4 hours away) and get a new mask. June 22 start proton therapy. He will go on Monday for treatment, he said drive home, then go back on Tuesday and stay overnight for Wednesday. The free hotel with Mayo is closed due to Covid19 so he's not wanting to sit in a hotel for 3 days. Not much to do in that town I guess as it revolves around Mayo.

He was pretty angry about having to wait that long but then he's not a patient person.

He has not been looking for a job but i hope once he gets that treatment finished in June that he will start to look for a job. Thankful he was given 2 yrs of insurance from his former place of work at a reasonable monthly price.

He coughs so much 24/7 when not on the chemo/immunotherapy machine, it's very noticeable the difference to me, maybe not to him so much. He mentioned he is having pain again lately. He was so pleased to be able to sleep again with no pain but for some reason, it's bothering him again even though the tumor has shrunk to 2.5 cm.

just an update.

Spouse of 58 yr old with BOT cancer
Stage 4a HPV16 positive
3 chemo treatments cisplantin
35 radiation treatments 7000 cGy
former smoker/chewed tobacco for 38 yrs.
1/2020 diagnosed with cancer near TMJ
4/2020 chemo 5 days every 2 weeks
6/2020 proton therapy
9/21/2020 cancer free