About 5 months ago I had a biopsy of a lesion on the left side of my tongue done. The results showed no cancer! and I think the doctor said not any displasia either. However, the doctor wants to remove the lesion. I had a rough time after the biopsy so I really don't want to have it removed unless there is a significant chance of it becoming cancerous in the future. I am 71 years old, female. History of lots of skin cancers, squamos and basal but no other cancer in my history. I had a procedure scheduled for the end of this month to remove the rest of the lesion but canceled and scheduled a consult appointment with my oral surgeon. Feel I don't have a grip on what is really going on... or why the removal is needed. I am also very concerned about the recovery because I had so much difficulty after the biopsy (i.e. pain) The procedure to remove the lesion is supposed to be done by laser and may take 6 sessions. If anyone has any advice for me concerning my upcoming consult visit with the doctor, or the pros and cons of laser, info on non dysplasic lesions and chances of becoming cancer in the future I would appreciate your input. I am not so brave as some of you...and I assure you I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers. I do realize I am sooooo lucky not to have had cancer result with the biopsy. Thank you! Mag

Mag, age 71, lesion on left side of tongue, biopsy = no cancer, pending removal of remaining lesion.