I want to preface this by saying this is the worst time of year to be sick. I’ve been dealing with some rather strange symptoms which have become severe. Ive posted in symptoms/diagnosis but thought I’d post here now since this has only progressed. I cannot get an mri appointment until January 5. Thats a long time off when you feel like you’re dying. Here’s my symptoms. Started in mid October and has gotten progressively worse. All on the right side.
Mouth pain on right soft palate.( palatine arch) Feels swollen and impedes swallowing
Pain behind ear in mastoid bone, sometimes ear pain/ itchiness and jaw fullness
Neck stiffness, seems swollen in morning but subsides throughout day. It really hurts, it’s really hard and woody
Night sweats and chills
Chills throughout day. Feel like I have the flu but no fever
Pressure in right head, especially when sleeping. It wakes Me up, sweating, heart then starts racing. Feels like I’m choking, sometimes have drainage, sometimes not.
General malaise
Intermittent high blood pressure as high as 180/120 dr out me in lisinopril, day 3 ( think it’s causing the dizziness)
Throbbing pulse in head, when I sit still I can feel it
Intense anxiety (obviously) dr put me on Effexor, haven’t started yet.i am taking .25mg Xanax up to 2x per day when necessary. Seems to be getting more necessary lately.
Weight loss ( about 10%) but not eating normal.
No appetite
Can’t sleep. Choking/ pressure sensation wakes me up along with other symptoms.
Sometimes feel like I have an over abundance of saliva and sometimes just the opposite.
Dizziness and weakness

I’ve been to 4 ents, 2 endodontist, my on ologist , oral surgeon. had ct on sinuses which was clear,(except for 17 mm cyst in right maxillary) had a recent root canal on #2 tooth extracted thinking that was the issue. It’s not. All my doctors think this is nerve related. Have mri on 1/5 of neck and 1/7 on brain and orbits both with and without contrast. Feel like there is a compromise of fluid, perhaps lymph. I started doing manual Lymphatic massage on neck which helps but still feel like I’m dying (sorry for being dramatic). Oh lastly, my wbc RBc and platelets and sedimentation rate all normal. My wbc was 3.7 after taking amoxicillin. Lymphocytes were 1. Should be 1.1 or higher. Any ideas? Any input would be helpful. I’m thinking cancer (oral or blood), Lymphedema, parotid gland infection perhaps. Words of wisdom would be appreciated.

SCC tonsil(left) with contralateral mets. Modified right neck disection August, 2002. 33 rads(62 gy)both sides of neck and 3 cycles cisplatin completed October 25, 2002. 34 yo at time of diagnosis