Hi. I'm Lori. In August 2017 I had free flap fibula for stage iv scc hard palate, maxilla, sinus then followed by 35/3 rad/cisplatin. So, not my mandible...I had a partial maxillectomy. I'm 23 months post treatment and 28 months post surgery. In November I had surgery that addressed bone infection in the mandible and maxilla. Because this was impacting my front teeth and they don't want to extract teeth that are currently in a healthy state, docs would prefer to remove teeth as they work out on their own. But, during this recent surgery I had 2 implants seated in my native maxilla and 2 seated in my transplanted fibula. So, after radiation here's how my jaw bones faired. (keeping in mind I had radiation) My native mandible is the weakest. The strength of the fibula dropped to where they give those implants a 50/50 chance due to the weakness of the fibula, and the native maxilla was the strongest. Needless to say, all of it was disappointing. But, the fibula is specifically selected for its strength. During surgery one of the screws was removed from the titanium that connects runs the jawline. When I see my ENT in January/February I'll be asking him to provide an update on what he believes the new shelf life of this fibula will be. I'm disappointed that it has reduced so significantly. I also went from wheel chair, to walker, to cane, to walking but it's not the same. Our stories differ. I still would have had the same procedure had the tumors of my had palate been benign. But, the rad/chemo really took me down and I didn't recover fully.

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