I’ve just gone through surgery in Australia August 2019. Left partial pharyngectomy (robotic surgery), left 5 level neck dissection and single stage muscle flap reconstruction
All ultra sounds, biopsy, CT & PET scans were free through the AU government Medicare scheme.
I have private health that covers inpatient costs.
Out of pocket surgeon costs - $500, and the facility fee for the TORS robotic machine was out of pocket - $2,200.
The inpatient and surgery facility fee costs were covered by my private health and government Medicare - $15,000.
Outpatient Specialist fees were out of pocket $50-$100 each visit
Total out of pocket I had to pay was - $3,000
Radiation therapy is free in the public hospital, which is excellent. Private will cost me $5,000 -10,000 for 5 weeks therapy treatment.

I am fighting the government and private health over the TORS machine facility fee charge as woman/men can use the 1 public hospital machine in Perth for urology surgery but not for throat surgery.

HPV-related Oropharyngeal cancer / tonsil cancer ( Lymph node). T1 - N2, PN1, M0.

Surgery - Left partial pharyngectomy (robotic surgery) and Left 5 level neck dissection to remove lymph nodes. Single stage muscle flap reconstruction.

All cancer areas (tonsils and 2 lymph nodes) were removed. Pathology of the removed 5 mm margin around the affected cancer indicates negitive margin with no trace of cancer after surgery in the throat or neck.