My hubby had Mandibulectomy on 3/19/2019, he had to go through 2 procedures to wash out infection on his chin. Has anyone experienced similar infections?
His cosmetics surgeon who did reconstruction surgery said bacteria colonized the titanium plate, which might need to be taken out later. I wondering whether it s the plate or it is bone not healing that caused the problem.


Wife of Steve, oral cavity and lip scc, also in 4 lymph nodes
PT4a, pN2b
4/19/2019 surgery removal of left mandible and reconstruction of left jaw
5/19/2019 procedure wash out abscess on right chin
5/31/2019 med port placement
6/10/2019 procedure wash out abscess on left chin, biopsy done on tissue under tongue, scc
6/20/2019 surgery to remove scc under tongue
6/27/2019 abscess found on his chin again, on Iv antibiotics