With the loss of lymph nodes from an RND, my lips always seem to be dry. The typical lib balms appear to make them greasy but not much more. My Doc suggested that I use a cheap, naturally made product that works (but don't let the name throw you off). It is odorless and clear, and the name is Urea. It's job in the human body s reported to be to moisturize skin and the body produces so much of it that it is expelled in liquid form daily so I guess that's where urine gets its name.
When i use this on my dry lips they improve within five or ten minutes. If you also have this problem, I hope it works for you. I find Urea 20% in major discount stores and on-line and the price is reasonable. Good luck.

SCC stage 1 Nov. '03,
SCC stage 2 (clear mrg, no rad, no chemo) RND, Feb. '15
SCC stage 1, lower gum Mar '23