Hello All,

I am almost 5 years post treatment.
I am extremely grateful I have been given an all clear for 5 years now !

My blood work however, has consistently come back low lymphocytes .6 (normal range 1-2.9) and High Billirubin.
This has been the case since treatment in 2014.
Prior to treatment my lymphocytes were consistently 1.70 range.
Infections , colds, ...take a real long time to heal.
I had a number of nasal infections and impetigo actually in my first year after treatment.
My oncologist disputes this has occurred as a result of treatment or that it is a concern.
He referred me to a Gastroenterologist for Gilberts disease that came back negative.( i keep complaining of poor digestion / bloating)
My bilirubin is still HIGH and was that way just prior to my cancer diagnosis in 2014.

I am feeling anger towards my oncologist for dismissing this and creating a lot of worry / anxiety-
So great at curing me of the cancer but I am really baffled ...it seems they do not want to deal with this ....or are simply clueless which doesnt make sense ..it is supposed to be one of the best hospitals in North America for Head neck cancers.

My gastroenterologist agrees with me. He feels I was dismissed and immediately referred me to a hematologist.
My GP agrees my Lymphocytes need to be followed up.
He doesn't believe it is a cancer...lymphocytes would be HIGH not Low... but he doesn't know.

My questions ....

Has anyone experienced permanent damaged blood cells due to chemotherapy and radiation ?
Long term ... Is there anything that can be done to improve this ?

Has anyone requested an new oncologist ?

Note :
My thyroid failed in 2017...I have been on levothyroxine for about 1 year now...1mg and this has finally stabilized my TSH, t3 , t4 and ferritin, b12, folate numbers. I just started b12 vitamins.

Any help here is greatly appreciated

Thank you all,


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