Hello everyone,

I have been dealing with oral problems since early this year. White patches in my throat and over this time sores that come and go in the same places all over my mouth. Getting worse and more often. Just recently(5 weeks) I have developed a nonpainful, unmovable, firm lymph node on the back of my neck. No sickness or infection has been present. It’s under a centimeter by doctors opinion. I have researched and seen several different instances when lymph nodes were cancerous in less than clinical specifications. Dr. wanted to wait a few more weeks before maybe doing an ultrasound. I pushed for it now because this has been going on way too long. I guess my question is do you think ultrasound is the way to go and would it be viable in a less than centimeter node? Anything discerning that would be helpful. From my research it looks like biopsy is the best way to know but I think that maybe impossible to convince them on such a small node. I’m at a loss but in my gut feel like this isn’t good.

Any experiences would be helpful if you’ve had ultrasounds that were beneficial. If not please ignore and have a pleasant day!