Just like things going a 100 MPH when getting a diagnosis and the flurry of appointments and treatment, the opposite happens the day after treatments are done - going 100 MPH to zero.

That feeling of being all alone and deserted is nearly universally common and understandable. It is now for you to get into the driver seat and guide your recovery.

There is plenty of medical support available but being proactive is going to get the most attention you need. Just like treatment, it is vital to stay hydrated and find ways to get calories in and keep the pain under control.

It does get better and you will heal up. Good luck, don

Male, 57 - Great health except C
Dec '12
DX: BOT SCC T2N2bMx, Stage 4a, HPV+, multiple nodes
1 tooth out
Jan '13
2nd tooth out
Tumor Board -induction TPF (3 cycles), seq CRT
CRT 70gr 2x35, weekly carbo150
ended 5/29,6/4
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