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#193341 11-08-2016 12:00 PM
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Unfortunately I am just reading this post and I finished my treatment for HPV Throat Cancer (3 months ago. I had 2 1/2 months of radiation and three separate doses of Cisplatin. I did not know that there was any other choices besides Cisplatin. Plus I was in shock and did not do any research.

I am in remission so I am very thankful. However I am having some side effects that I believe will not go away. Does anyone have any suggestions? or info?

- I have tinnitus (never had it before)
- numbness & tingling in some finger-tip and toes
- Dry mouth/some throat
- Taste - about 75%
- Fatigue when I work out (getting better)
- Lose my temper much quicker

If anyone has any tricks for the tinnitus I am willing to listen.

I am very thankful with the results thus far and I am hoping things will get slightly better.



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#193343 11-08-2016 01:57 PM
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Patient Advocate (old timer, 2000 posts)
Patient Advocate (old timer, 2000 posts)

Joined: Jul 2012
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Welcome Steve,

The main thing is you finished treatment successfully, and have 3 months behind you, and assume found stable, NED. I haven't really heard many say remission, once in a medical journal saying dormant, with this cancer, except a few pther patients or caregivers, but we know what you mean and feels good! You actually had what is considered the "gold standard", at this time, for head and neck cancer, and yes, there's some alternatives that are "just" as good, but Cisplatin is still preferred, and proved to most successful with radiation or other combinations. You could have had weekly lesser dosage infusions, but their said to have lesser kidney toxicity, but more mucocitis. Then there's Cisplatins relative, Carboplatin, which I had too. Anyway, all chemo's have toxicities based on the type of chemo, combination with another chemo, the dosage, the speed of infusion, and frequency of infusion. These can be adjusted for various reasons such as reducing dosage, speed of infusion with hearing changes, etc.

Chemo and radiation have acute, less than 3 months, and long term toxicities or side effects lasting longer than 3 months. chemo side effects usually resolve after a few months, although I've had some longer like optic, kidney, neuropathy, hearing and tinnitus, Radiation is the gift that keeps giving. Some toxicities can last or appear months, years after treatment.

Some of ghe things you mentioned we all have dealed with, some which may resolve over time, can be helped to some extent, sometimes,, with some, and sometimes there is no change or it is slow. As it's often said, it's a marathon not a sprint. I'm almost 7 years out from my first treatment, although I had others, I still have side effects tracing back to my first cancer.

Each of the items a you mention, can take pages to discus or a laundry list of ideas, and ChristineB, our administrator, is very knowledgable, and good at this, who I'm sure will be by to offer advice as well as others. Until then I suggest you read the treatment compljcation section on OCF, and others, which is the most compressive around. I can come back to discuss my thoughts, fill in any blanks, after the election lol, but think I wrote enough at this time before I lose everything on my iPhone or fingers drop off.

I hope this helps!

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SGW #193345 11-08-2016 05:10 PM
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Patient Advocate (old timer, 2000 posts)
Administrator, Director of Patient Support Services
Patient Advocate (old timer, 2000 posts)

Joined: Jun 2007
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Welcome to OCF! Congrats on finishing your treatments. Im sure you are glad its all behind you.

Your list of after effects should be brought to the attention of your ENT. Unfortunately many of these complaints need time to subside. After going thru what rads and chemo, recover takes a long time. Your body will need 2 full years to completely heal from the effects of cancer, chemo, and rads. I suggest to do your best to have patience and understand the recovery phase never happens fast enough for any patient. This can be very frustrating especially when going thru set backs during your recovery.

The tinnitus could be one of the permanent side effects from cisplatin. At the very first sign of any changes with hearing should be immediately reported to the medical team for a change in chemo. Getting additional doses of cisplatin after noticing tinnitus will only make it worse. Your ENT should be able to do a thorough exam paying special attention to your tinnitus.

The best advice I can give is to read thru our posts. Absorb the info and know you are not alone in your illness and recovery. We have all gone thru this and know how lousy you can feel. Plus we all want to be well and it gets upsetting when we dont see progress. To help with your recovery begin taking in at least 2500 calories every day and 48-64 oz of water. Ask your doc if its ok to add high protein whey powder to your diet. The extra protein helps with healing. Your body has been thru the war and is still in battle mode trying to rebuild itself. It needs extra fuel to recover and 2500 daily calories is the bare minimum to help with this. If you can take in 3000 it can only help you to bounce back quicker. I suggest the increase in calories, protein and water intake continue until at least the first year post rads. You can do it longer too, up to your 2 year post rads anniversary.

I hope all this helps you manage your recovery phase. Best wishes with your continued recovery.

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very happy to be alive smile
SGW #193348 11-09-2016 06:02 AM
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Assistant Admin
Patient Advocate (1000+ posts)

Joined: Oct 2012
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Welcome to the forum. The tingling that you feel in your toes and fingers is likely to be neuropathy, which is one of the long term effects of a platinum based chemo -- in your case Cisplatin. It is important you let your doctors know.

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