Congratulations on your daughter and hitting 10 months! I am out almost 3 years from stage 4 tonsil cancer and the saliva is partially back-even forget to take a water bottle most of the time! Try reading the book "Dancing in Limbo" You'll find reference to it on this web site and you can use the Amazon link from OCF to purchase. This book REALLY helped me and it is written by an oral cancer survivor. Feelings of depression and worries of recurrence are bound to occur after your treatments have ended - especially tough is the last 2 years after treatment. With the lack of sleep and caring for a newborn plus dealing with the issues of your care you have had a lot to handle this last year! Best of luck to you - Kris

SCC Stage IV left tonsil neck disection 3/02 radiation finished 6/02 chemo finished 9/02
Stage 2A left breast cancer 3/09, chemo and radiation, finished treatment 2/7/10 -Every day is still a gift :-)