Hi Keke, I see you are very scared! These are scary times...not only with a cancer diagnosis but also with Covid on the rise again. Have faith. It's okay to be scared. You are brave to ask for support. There is a wealth of info online these days. Take everything in stride. I did not get my staging until surgery was done and over (about a week after surgery to get the results back) as they had to send the tumor and my lymph nodes to pathology. Be well, and there are lots of us out there to help and support you and your husband! Make sure to take some time for yourself too!

Lip Cancer
Stage 3
T2 N0
Lip resection, reconstruction
Modified Neck Dissection
30 radiation treatments (last day 9/11)
Starting Physical Therapy on my neck
Barium Swallow Test after Thanksgiving
1st post op PET scan scheduled for beginning of December
Going thru it physically alone during the pandemic 2020