Biopsy confirmed cancer again.they done a punch biopsy of my gum.had a pet scan last Friday,will meet the tumour board on Tuesday. Already had salvage surgery 5 years ago..I can't stop thinkng about the surgeons final words as they took me into operating room 5 years he ago..he said this is your last shot.if it comes back there is nothing we can do..I've never forgot it...Already had neck dissection both sides.rafiation both sides,certuxamab as well.i don't k ow what is left for me.

nov 2013 ssc of buccal mucosa stage 2
jan 2014 neck dissection because of cancer in lymphnodes
feb 2014 6 weeks of radiation
march 2015 tumour buccal mucossa stage 4
june 2015 lower jaw removed
nov 2015tumour in left node on neck
jan 2016 radiation and chemo to commence
Nov 2015 left deck dissesction,1 posative node