thanks Christine.

He finally got a job after laying around for almost 7 months angry and putting forth little effort to get a job. my comment often is: he always lands on his feet. Seems unfair from my perspective to spit in the face of truth and still come out ahead always. Same with cancer. I commented after round 1 that I"m not sure he learned any lessons and round 2 has shown that to be true. The rules do not apply to him.

I struggle mostly with the fact that he does nothing positive for his health when he's been give a second chance. He used to say : as long as there is a pill for it, I"m not going to change. Sad philosophy. someday the pills will run out or not exist.

Thanks for letting me vent. Being stuck at home due to Covid has not helped me one bit! I am slowly getting back to life since we have few cases in my area. Hanging out with friends at least 1 time a week in a city park gives me a day of sanity. One day at a time.

Spouse of 58 yr old with BOT cancer
Stage 4a HPV16 positive
3 chemo treatments cisplantin
35 radiation treatments 7000 cGy
former smoker/chewed tobacco for 38 yrs.
1/2020 diagnosed with cancer near TMJ
4/2020 chemo 5 days every 2 weeks
6/2020 proton therapy
9/21/2020 cancer free