I know this is different, but when my daughter was a baby and she was nursing, we treated her thrush with something we could swab in her mouth (and on mom, of course, so I wouldn't catch it and get infected too) ... I forget what the stuff was called, something violet, but is that an option? Something you can swab on the spots of thrush to keep them under control? If it works for babies and nursing mothers, it is definitely worth a try (because getting thrush as a nursing mom is no joke either).

Surgery 5/31/13
Tongue lesion, right side
SCC, HPV+, poorly differentiated
T1N0 based on biopsy and scan
Selective neck dissection 8/27/13, clear nodes
12/2/13 follow-up with concerns
12/3/13 biopsy, surgery, cancer returned
1/8/14 Port installed
PEG installed
Chemo and rads
2/14/14 halfway through carboplatin/taxotere and rads
March '14, Tx done, port out w/ complications, PEG out in June
2017: probable trigeminal neuralgia
Fall 2017: HBOT
Jan 18: oral surgery