My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer at the end of September. He is a little over 2.5 months out from treatment (radiation and chemo). He didn't have surgery. His pain had started to decrease slowly, but over the past couple weeks, it has increased to where it is debilitating at times. This week he increased his oxy to around the clock (was only taking it at night before) and his doctor increased the Fentanyl patch from 75 to 100 mcg and added nortriptyline. He still gets very intense pain despite the increase in pain meds. In addition to the pain where radiation hit in his jaw and mouth, he now has pain around his right temple. So far, none of the docs has a good explanation for that or a strategy that has relieved pain.

We would be interested in hearing about pain relief that has worked for you - either non-narcotic medication or things that don't involve meds.


Jane, wife of oral cancer patient