I read an old thread from someone who indicated that Mass General was #2 for their otolaryngy (sorry, autocorrect can’t help me with this one) dept. I just went to the website to look about making an appointment and saw that they are affiliated with MA Eye and Ear and linked to their website as well. Does anyone know if they are one and the same now? I saw that they are affiliated with Harvard which I know is the case for several ENTs out of MEE. Since I’m already being followed by MEE, would it not make sense to try to be seen at Mass General? I’m going to another practice next week, not sure which hospital they are affiliated with but I went by physician rankings and the fact that I could be seen within a week. On another note, would seeing two ENTs affiliated with MEE who share the same opinion be considered 1 opinion? And now I’m going for a 2nd?

On yet another note, any recommendations for ENTs either in Boston-metro area or Boston South? I live in metro, work in south so I’m flexible.

I know there might not be a lot of responses to this but I thought it worth a shot! My story is on a prior thread. But the TL;DR is:

Lots of symptoms. Tonsil asymmetry. Swollen nodes. CT revealed bi lateral prominent nodes presumed to be reactive, largest measuring 9mm 2a right side. Tonsils both mildly enlarged and symmetric on scan (visual and manual exam reveal right to be larger). HPV+ cervical in 2006, all neg since. 3 rounds antibiotics.