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I read an old thread from someone who indicated that Mass General was #2 for their otolaryngy (sorry, autocorrect can’t help me with this one) dept. I just went to the website to look about making an appointment and saw that they are affiliated with MA Eye and Ear and linked to their website as well. Does anyone know if they are one and the same now? I saw that they are affiliated with Harvard which I know is the case for several ENTs out of MEE. Since I’m already being followed by MEE, would it not make sense to try to be seen at Mass General? I’m going to another practice next week, not sure which hospital they are affiliated with but I went by physician rankings and the fact that I could be seen within a week. On another note, would seeing two ENTs affiliated with MEE who share the same opinion be considered 1 opinion? And now I’m going for a 2nd?

On yet another note, any recommendations for ENTs either in Boston-metro area or Boston South? I live in metro, work in south so I’m flexible.

I know there might not be a lot of responses to this but I thought it worth a shot! My story is on a prior thread. But the TL;DR is:

Lots of symptoms. Tonsil asymmetry. Swollen nodes. CT revealed bi lateral prominent nodes presumed to be reactive, largest measuring 9mm 2a right side. Tonsils both mildly enlarged and symmetric on scan (visual and manual exam reveal right to be larger). HPV+ cervical in 2006, all neg since. 3 rounds antibiotics.
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I think if the doctors aren't in the same immediate practice, they are different opinions. I don't know a lot about it (just a patient!) but in my area, we have two main hospitals. The doctors have to affiliate with one or the other (or both) to be able to see patients and perform procedures at those hospitals. It really has very little to do with anything more than that, as far as I can tell. Just means that next time I break a hip, I might want to go to the other one so I get a different on-call surgeon, LOL, if I didn't like the one I just had, (Jury is still out on that, actually, but it makes a nice example ... and they never did tell my primary where I was.) My primary can see patients at either hospital. My OB could deliver babies at both, but had a preference about which one he'd rather deliver at. And so on.

Now, if the office is actually IN the hospital, then it's probably not at all like the situation I am describing and feel free to disregard everything I've just said. smile It's just how I've observed doctors and hospitals seem to work in our area (except the ones hired directly by the hospital for ER stuff and so on).

((hugs)) still rooting for you!
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Thanks Kristen!

I’m sort of clueless to how it works. My OB delivers at the hospital local to her practice, similar to what you said. However, the surgeon who removed my gallbladder may work at several hospitals because he’s a trauma surgeon. I think in the Boston area where there are so many hospitals, there is a lot of overlap. We have a Dana Farber Cancer Center at my local hospital which essentially brings the services from Dana Farber to folks in the ‘burbs. There are likely doctors who practice at both places. I guess I’ll continue my research.
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Actually, what you said made sense. I forgot that another city opened a 'branch' of their hospital research stuff here in our city, and they do consultations and treatments. It's mostly for their children's programs, or was at first, so I keep forgetting they are there. But I suppose they would give doctors some of the same information and training. Still, in an area like mine, doctors would end up doing a lot of their own research and continuing education, and therefore still come to some independent conclusions. I forget they exist because when I did use that place for a second opinion, I still had to drive to the other city, but that was quite a few years ago. Wonder how it works now... hm. Probably still have to drive, to find the specialists. (We would have gone anyway, as we had a young friend in the hospital there also with cancer, so we combined it with a visit to her, which she enjoyed. And since we have three major cities within about six hours, lots of folks do drive to other places ... I can't, as I get very ill from travel, but many do. We have great doctors locally though, and getting better every day, so that helps.)
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So glad to hear that!

The ENT I’m seeing next week is affiliated with a couple of Boston hospitals. I just checked to see on their website.

My insurance is good in many ways because I don’t need referrals to see specialists and once I’ve met my deductible (I have), I don’t have to pay out of pocket for doctors that are not considered preferred. This means I can select anyone I want to see. However, they don’t pay for all services at all hospitals so that’s where it gets tricky. Massgeneral and Brigham and Women’s are not covered... though providers who work for them are, so confusing!!

Thanks for sticking with my saga Kristen.
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