Now I'm having a tough time. frown since dad's recurrance, he's been unable to work, and since his job is a tax free independent contractor situation he is unable to collect unemployment. My mom's been on unpaid leave to care for him and as I live with them I've been paying bills. Just found out the nonprofit where I have worked for 6 years will be undergoing a merger in an unspecified time frame and that the job I do now will be duplicative and eliminated. I will be offered a postion when the merge happens, but exactly what position has yet to be determined and my rate of pay will likely go down to fit me into their pay scale. This is a great time to be thinking of changing careers. Ok, its enough, universe. Uncle.

Dad was diagnosed 2/28/18 w Stage 4, N0 Verrucous carcinoma (VC) an uncommon variant of SSC
Mandibulectomy and free-flap reconstruction 5/30/18
Diagnosis changed to SSC.
Began treatment of 30 rads and 5 Cisplatin Cycles on 7/18/18
Decided not to do any more Cisplatin after the first one.
Finished treatment on 8/31/18.
3.19 Abscess & Recurrence wide mouth resection
4.16.19 Scapular Flap Reconstruction surgery
9.6.19 Clear CT!
8.6.20 Clear CT!