So. After meeting a couple of specialists I've found that because my cancer is relatively small and slow-growing, treatment right now isn't warranted. I'll be having an MRI and another biopsy in a few months, but both doctors were of the opinion that my case warrants only what they call "active surveillance". They didn't expect to see any changes for at least 5 years.

I do still have cancer of course, but: Whew!

Thanks for everyone's support.

David 2
SCC of occult origin 1/09 (age 55)| Stage III TXN1M0 | HPV 16+, non-smoker, moderate drinker | Modified radical neck dissection 3/09 | 31 days IMRT finished 6/09 | Hit 10 years all clear in 6/19 | Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome kicked in a few years after treatment and has been progressing since | Prostate cancer diagnosis 10/18