I chose not to add this to the very long running thread that we had for more than a year about the loss of the real Biotene in the marketplace, and our search for a new idea when what it became under new ownership was really just another Crest toothpaste with the Biotene name on it.

So after years of using lesser products, the original manufacturer of the Biotene toothpaste (Laclede in Long Beach, CA) that we all loved, but the formula was grossly altered when it was sold to GSK, is coming back on the market with a new enzyme containing toothpaste almost identical to the original Biotene formula. Actually, it is better, as they added one more enzyme to it. Their non-compete with GSK has run out, and they are starting out by putting the new products (toothpaste, mouth rinse, spray moisturizer) back into the general market, first through Walgreen's Drug Stores. The name of the products are Salivea dry mouth care products.... yeah, I know, how do you pronounce that? Anyway, I have been testing the product for them for a few weeks, and I am sold on switching over to it. Mild taste so it doesn't burn my mouth, a formula with fluoride which we all need, sweetened with Xylitol which is a good thing, and free of many of the ingredients that make other toothpastes undesirable like SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) which can irritate and cause people that get canker sores to have outbreaks of them. I really like the mouth rinse as it has an ingredient in it that breaks down bio-films which are contributors to plaque build up, and as a moisturizer really works to make my mouth feel comfortable and not irritated from dryness.

I'll post more about them in the near future. But since we have all been looking for something that we can trust and addresses all of our issues, I wanted to let everyone here know. I'm pretty sure that in short order it will be available on Amazon as well.

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