My husband's PMD highly recommends a plant-based diet. Has anyone else here received such medical advice? I am only asking to get some support, hoping others who are moving towards a vegan way of eating can offer some advice on the transition. My husband has a younger doctor who was trained that nutrition is the first line of defense. Just because he got cancer does not mean his heart disease went away! We are now committed to eating a healthier diet. Trust me, when my husband was struggling with food aversion and swallowing was his biggest challenge, ice cream and Ensure helped him survive. He did what he had to do to avoid a feeding tube. Now, however, he is swallowing well if slowly and wants to focus on his heart issues. We are in about week 4, I'm already losing weight and feel better, the husband is at a good weight and maintaining but, sigh, its tough to give up meat and we cheat sometimes, but less and less. If you have gone vegan and are doing well, id like to hear from you. did you give up vegetable oil?