Instead of writing a letter Charles' surgeon called the insurance company. This morning the insurance company approved the claim! Thank you for encouraging me not to give in.

Wife/caregiver to Charles
ENT diagosed SCC Rt Tonsil Stage IV, MET 6 lymph nodes in neck 1/2001
Tonsillectomy, RND and six weeks RADS 2/2001
ENT diagnosis from CT scan, SCC in Rt tongue 2/13
25% of tongue removed 2/13 (clear margins)
SCC BOT with mets to 2 level 2 nodes and Lt. Delphian node 8/2014
Surgical biopsy shows cancer in larynx 9/2014
Laryngectomy, resection & rebuilt tongue w/ pectoral muscle, selective neck dissection 11/2014
Recurrences '16 HPV Neg No EGFR Mutations Detected