Hi All,
I am rather frustrated with an invoice I just received from MD Anderson and wanted to see if anyone else has has this issue.
I received an invoice in the mail today with outstanding balances for my MD Anderson follow-up visits dating back to 2011. I have never seen these charges before. I had assumed I wasn't receiving invoices from MD Anderson because either my insurance was covering it all or the invoice was going to my parents' house, but apparently this was not the case. I even checked the billing history online and I have not received an invoice from the hospital since March 2012.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know the reason? Luckily I have good insurance so it's not an outrageous amount (for 3 years of CT scans and appointments), but still... $2,600 is not an easy bill to pay when you aren't expecting it. I was getting ready to buy a new car but that will now have to wait. I am going to call and talk to customer service Monday to see what the deal is, but I am sure they won't give me any type of break.

Thanks for y'all's help!

Emily - 24 years old at diagnosis
HPV-, no risk factors
T2N2b Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Left oral tongue, poorly differentiated
Hemiglossectamy, reconstruction, partial neck dissection
30 Radiation treatments, weekly chemo (cisplatin)
1/13/12 last day of treatment
Diagnosed October 2011