I agree.... most days I'm go go go... but that's me. However, I also have my slug days too. I think Patrick because you are dealing with a little depression it's natural to have your down days. radiation and chemo can affect us in ways we don't know. Likely chemical imbalance, and the overall trauma of the treatment, and diagnosis, and fear all come into play. We all want to be able to get up and go back to being normal right away. Because to us it shows progression and healing. But we can't speed ahead of our body's ability to do that or we'll feel down about not being able to do what we expect. They say it takes 1 month for every week of radiation to recover. And I've had dr.s say up to a year or more. It really depends on your overall health going into this whole thing, and also how quickly your immune system is able to bounce back. Then there is an adjustment period that goes with the permanent changes. Try to give yourself time to make these changes and heal. It's great you slept a full 8 hours. If taking sleeping pills helps then that's great. But remember the quality of sleep you get on them may not be quite as satisfying as I find it's a different kind of sleep you get. It really depends on your body.

Take care and heal well.

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