Hi MarcFran,
I've also gone through radiation and chemo twice. It is not without risks, but it can be done. My second lot of radiation was done after 2 partial glossectomies (the 2nd to get clear margins) and then further surgery to remove or reduce the size of half a dozen affected nodes which popped up bilaterally on my neck and jaw. I was initially told it was inoperable but the team at my CCC subsequently decided on a combination of surgery, chemo and radiation. I had to sign disclaimers in relation to potential side effects of excessive radiation, which included a slight risk of quadraplegia, amongst a host of others, but 2 years later I'm still here (and fully mobile) and happy to be alive!!
I have a permanent PEG tube but can tolerate some thickened fluids orally. My sense of taste is very compromised and probably because of this I don't miss eating - in fact using my PEG is also far quicker and easier than swallowing for me. Without the second radiotherapy and chemo treatments I have no doubt that I wouldn't be writing this today.
My RO did say that surgery was necessary before treatment began because my tumours were too large for radiation and chemo alone to be effective. Sounds like yours may have already shrunk enough for radiation and chemo alone to be effective. What you will need to weigh up is quality of life (QOL) if you have surgery alone as opposed to radiation and chemo. It may be that surgery will leave you with a better QOL outcome than radiation/chemo, but you would have to ask those questions of your treating team. Good Luck!

55 y/o
SCC LL Tongue 3/27/07
Part. mandibulectomy 9/2/07
Left ND 5/12/08
Rec LL Tongue 07/09
Part gloss 8/5 & 8/25
Surg 10/28/09 re mets to R neck & L jaw
RT & Chemo finished 12/22/09
PEG fitted 05/06/10
L buccal SCC 10/10
freeflap (forearm)surgery 2/28/11 L buccal and gingiva