I was having severe pain in my upper right abdomen, hoping it was a gallbladder issue. Turns out that it's P16 positive liver lesions on my left liver lobe. I need an MRCP and who knows what other tests. Seeing my Chemo Oncologist Friday, and ENT Oncologist next Tuesday.
I am 5 years out from my last Chemo/Radiation treatments.
2 years ago I had a Naveris NavDx test that showed no Squamous in my bloodstream.
So this comes as a disappointing shock to me.
Does anyone have any experience with a similar issue?
I wonder if I need to see a liver specialist besides the Oncologists?

Enlarged left cervical lymph node in neck on 1/9/18. Male, age 60. Had retired from working as a computer technician and a project manager for almost 38 years, on 7/1/17.
Node was removed 1/16/18 and found to have SCC P16.
Chest xray clean.
Since then, PET/CT, slight activity left parotid, possible malignancy left lingual tonsil. MRI clean.
3 endoscopies, nothing seen.
2/26/18 Larryngoscopy,primary not found.
TORS 3/23/18 lingual tonsil biopsy.,biopsy negative.
Chemo/rads started 4/18/18.