I Like to think I am getting smarter in my old age...maybe not. I am 100%NPO. not so bad I am getting use to it. Recently I started to use a syringe to take my morning coffee. It has worked well for a couple of months. The other day I was at a coffee shop with a friend. I got a cup of very hot coffee, way way hotter than at home. I squirted it in. OUCH!!!!!!! I think I slightly burned the inside of my stomach. It is much better now, but for 24 hours it was just a strange hurt, Just did not feel right. OK today.
So, this weeks lesson for me....MAKE SURE THE COFFEE IS NOT HOT!!!!!!


72 yo
SCC 2009
Radiation/Chemo, clear 2010
Active triathlete
NPO and bad voice after 12 years
But doing great