SCC, T3NoMo Stage 3 Tongue, right, partial Glossectomy & Right Neck Dissection lymph nodes negative for tumor. Tumor Depth of Invasion 13 mm 11/22/2021
Perineural invasion present
Invasive carcinoma extends focally to the deep margin
Nonkeratinizing dysplasia, severe (carcinoma in situ)
2nd tumor occurred in same location 7 weeks after removing primary tumor as a result of incomplete primary removal.

I'm still healing from my 2nd tumor removal 5 days ago as a result of an incomplete primary tumor removal within a 7-week time period. I met with a radiologist and after I'm done healing, I will begin radiation treatments. She wanted me to also meet with a chemotherapy oncologist to discuss if there is anything that can be done to help in my case with chemotherapy. I don't understand why I would need Chemo along with the radiation. Can anyone suggest any important questions I should be asking the oncologists? Not knowing much about this I don't want to miss important questions that should be asked.