I have learned more through this patient forum and web site than all other sites combined ( at least the non-technical) ones. Thank you. And now; the rest of the story.

Pet scan was clear of 7/2. Radiation oncologist appt on 7/3 said that second small tumor (removed 5/29) that didn't show in CT scan was probably a recurrence, but the end result doesn't matter. The recurrence of untreated SCC is extremely high and radiation is recommended. In fact the entire group of doctors making up the board were unanimous in that decision following my last surgery.

Ten days ago I wasn't ready for all of this. Thanks to y'all, I was at least better prepared to say, "Go." Being fitted for the mask this week with IMRT x 30 to follow. I'll also be receiving amifostine subcutaneously for as long as I can stand it. He recommended getting trays from my dentist for daily flouride treatments and using baking soda and water for brushing. Thanks for your support. My prayers are with all of you.


T1N0M0 Partial Glossectomy 2/04, Recurrance w/ another P.G. 5/04. IMRTx33 7/04-9/04. T2N2M0 recurrance in throat, 11/04.
2nd tumor 1/06/05, Chemo 1/11-05 Died 02-16-05 Wife: Brenda