I am a 30 old male who has smoked for 11 years, though for the past 3 it has been very light. I noticed a small clear, hard cyst right in the middle of my lower lip. It is a wierd little thing, because it will appear, burst, go away, a repeat. I first noticed this about 2 months ago and now it seems that there is a tissue mass or physical object directly underneath where the original cyst was. I have managed to fiddle with the thing enough that there is scar tissue and it is more noticable now than before. I was at the dentist 4 months ago and was told that I didn't have any lumps or spots and had geat oral heath. I have made an appointment to see a DR next monday because I can't stand not knowing what the heck it is. Should I be concerned, aren't there 100's of little ducts in the mouth that could be the culprit? I am nervous and driving myself crazy. Any info or advice would be great.



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