At our hospital, the advice is to mix some powdered skimmed milk in with milk to increase the calories in each cup of milk the patient drinks, but since Hank is diabetic, I would not think this is appropriate for him. Do you have access to a dietitian at the hospital? This is a person you really need to talk to. He/she will make suggestions which are tailored to Hank’s health situation and can keep an eye on his weight as well as his blood sugar content. At the hospital, all the patients have a dietitian assigned. If Hank doesn’t have one, see if you can get a referral from his surgeon/RO or his family doctor. This is a good person to have on your side as he starts radiation.

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Wife to John,dx 10/2012, BOT, HPV+, T3N2MO, RAD 70 gy,Cisplatinx2 , PEG in Dec 6, 2012, dx dvt in both legs after second chemo session, Apr 03/13 NED, July 2013 met to lungs, Phase 1 immunotherapy trial Jan 18/14 to July/14. Taxol/carboplatin July/14. Esophagus re-opened Oct 14. PEG out April 8, 2015. Phase 2 trial of Selinexor April to July 2015. At peace Jan 15, 2016.