I know there is a wealth of info on here about HPV.and I’ve read a lot, if not all, of it... and then some. It seems that media has made it pretty clear that HPV plays a huge role in the development of certain oral cancers. Yet, as someone who is in the age bracket with an upsurge of incidences (35 yo), the 3 practitioners I’ve seen have addressed it as a smoking/heavy drinking disease. Only my PCP (not the two ENTs I’ve seen), mentioned oral sex after I brought up my history of HPV. It seemed a bit taboo and she was odd after I mentioned my concern having had HPV of the cervix and multiple oral sex partners from age 18-24. I was vaccinated when I was 25/26.

Because I sometimes misunderstand of get confused reading research I thought maybe some here may be better versed in the available info or have any personal knowledge of my questions. I hope I’m not asking too personal of questions here...

Of those of you dx with HPV+ cancer, have any had the HPV vaccine?
Of those of you dx with HPV+ cancer, have any of you also had HPV positive Pap smears?
Of those of you dx with HPV+ cancer, have any of you had HPV+ Pap smears at some point but since have been neg?

Is there any information regarding whether the body simultaneously clears oral and cervical infections (or infections of the male sex organs)? Or can the body clear one and not the other?

I’m sorry if these are intrusive questions. I’m not sure if HPV testing is done during Pap smears beyond a certain age. I still have HPV testing done because my office does a combo as a standard.

I had HPV around 22. Had a follow up procedure which revealed no precancerous lesions. Had a follow up Pap within the year and it was negative. Had yearly paps for several years... maybe almost a decade. All were neg. waited 3 years and just had one and it was also neg. Only partner since 2010 has been my husband. This HPV thing just has me scratching my head a bit.