Dear Mike,

Please keep me ( and us) informed on your progress.
Our stories are similar... I am almost 2 years out now -- but I am 100% dependent on my G tube, and have 0 ability to swallow solid food.
And they are being generous allowing me liquid diet, because I do aspirate into my trachea and lungs.
Tonight, I have my 5th Pneumonia, since my cancer diagnosis.
Thursday I had double surgery in the Main OR, and my 2 Head & neck surgeons operated on 2 different sites. Awaiting 3 new biopsy reports.

That's the cool thing about the site here-- we can talk with others who have walked in our shoes. I vividly remember all the milestones you talk about, and the ones that just won't ever happen, too.
We just have to create our New Normal.

Take very good care,


4/2017- Stage III SqCC- Tongue
Posterior Margin +
Invasive moderately differentiated keratinizing SqCC
Tumor- 6.3 Centimeters
Invades tonsil & salivary glands
Negative for all HPV types
Subtotal Glossectomy, bilateral ND, Tracheo, Mandibullect, Free Flap reconstruction.
10/2017 Relapse, Recur to tongue, Mets to lip, All Pos. Margins.
12/2017 Recur BOT + Marg, re-xcisn Lip, + Marg
2/2018 - 7 wks IMRT
4/19 New Primary SqCC, Floor mouth & tongue flap . 1 mm Marg
New Dx Field Cancerization