Hi all, though I would leave a link to what got my through the excess saliva stage. I had so much it drove me insane. BabySmile S-502 Nasal Aspirator ---google it. It's a machine basically for well babies to clear the nasal cavity, but you know what else it can do....yep, suck up that excess saliva. Easy to clean and simple to use. You will not regret this purchase.

04/21/17 Biopsy at ENT
04/25/17 Biopsy result SCC on left side tongue
04/27/17 CT Scans--shows shallow tumor
05/02/17 Pre-op
05/03/17 Surgery to remove tumor
05/08/17 Cancer still present
05/10/17 2nd surgery-
06/05/17 PET on 6th, RADS start on 06/20/17
07/11/17 Halfway point!
08/01/17 Last treatment
11/1/17 Cancer is back
11/15/17 Emory University surgery. neck dissection, left lymph nodes removed, tongue free flap from left arm with skin graft.