I just read about this company in a newspaper article. It appears they are working on a test for OC. I have nothing to do with the company and offer this on an information basis only so please be aware of that. The newspaper article (Boston Globe, 3/25/18) states they had omitted the number "one" in a published test result, so a reported 6 was actually a 16. I hope their science is better than their math and error checking.

The following was taken directly from their website.

"Proteocyte AI’s first product Straticyte™ is a test that predicts the progression of premalignant lesions to invasive oral cancer. Straticyte enables healthcare professionals to customize patient treatment, improving outcomes for patients at risk for developing cancer, while reassuring those patients who have minimal to no risk of disease progression. The test can be easily incorporated into clinical practice as no additional tissue samples are needed for assessment.

Straticyte is being offered on a complimentary basis until April 2, 2018"

SCC stage 1 Nov. '03,
SCC stage 2 (clear mrg, no rad, no chemo) RND, Feb. '15
SCC stage 1, lower gum Mar '23