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It has been almost three years since my last surgery (Partial Palatectomy) and I have been experiencing a lot of food leaking into my nasal cavity when I eat. I have only 6 teeth in the left upper jaw and all other upper teeth have been removed due to the initial and recurrent tumors in the gum tissue of the right upper jaw. I have done pretty well with eating enough solid food to stay healthy, but the issue of food in my nasal cavity makes eating with others very difficult. I can not have the flap surgery to close my palate as the prosthodontist says he can not make a prosthesis with teeth if the flap is installed. I am grateful to be living a full life in spite of this 11 year cancer journey, but if there is a prosthodontist out there that can help with my complicated situation, I would love the name and location!
Thank you!
Posted By: ConnieT Re: Best Prosthodontists for Palatal Obturators - 04-03-2021 04:50 PM
I was on faculty in an Orthodontic Dept at a Dental School. We used to make obturators for newborns with cleft palates. You could try calling a dental school if you are near one and see if you can get one made there or get a recommendation.
Thank you Connie for your reply! That is a good suggestion and I appreciate you sharing your experience. Hope all is well with your husband!
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